Suggestions for Picking the Best Birthday Cards

Birthday Card Suggestions

When selecting a card to acknowledge someone’s special day, you want that card to be something they will remember. You want it to stand out from the other cards they receive. The card you choose should have a theme, a picture, or a verse that lets the recipient know that you did actually search for that one special card just for them.

Obviously, one way to impress anyone with a card is to personally design it for them. Thanks to technological advances, you can now easily personalize a card with a photo. A child would enjoy a card with their picture on it. They would also like a photo of their pet or possibly a comical photo of them from a previous vacation or holiday event. You can also create your own verse for personalized cards.

There are numerous printable card options available. You can select one that relates to the child’s favorite cartoon character, television character, movie, hobby, or almost any topic you desire.

When shopping for a card, keep in mind the age of the child and how well they will understand the sentiment. Pre-school children would enjoy a card that is bright, cheerful, and basically expresses your wishes in pictures. Cards with a few simple words and lots of visual activity are best for this age group. Pop-up cards are fascinating for young children. School age children usually like cards with humorous verses and lively pictures. As a child matures, they will appreciate the more detailed, heartfelt type of wishes that some cards convey.

Choosing a card for a teenager can be a little difficult. You often have to choose between cards that express your thoughts and wishes in a poetic, sentimental way or cards that are humorous and far from sentimental. Making your own card gives you the opportunity to balance out the two extremes.

There are some ways that you can create a card that is certain to stick in someone’s memory for many years. If by chance, you live near the beach or happen to visit one at some time during the year, you could write “Happy Birthday” in the sand, take a picture of it, and turn it into a photo card. If you could get someone to take a picture of you with your sand greeting that would be even better. You could also spray paint a greeting in the snow and turn it into a card.

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