Board Games That Feature Collectible Card Games

When people think of board games, they naturally think of a somewhat large box with some form of board folded up inside. Usually the game will have tokens representing the players along with dice, cards, or some other form which will generally indicate movement for the players.

However, not all board games have to use tokens to indicate the players or even necessarily use a hard-backed board to indicate the area of game play. Many different types of games primarily use decks of cards to indicate every aspect of the game, often presenting a challenge matches and often goes well beyond the challenge that a typical board game might present.

These card games will often follow a very specific format, for when players lay different cards down in different positions, they can all mean one of many specific things. One card laid in one relative position might end up as an attack pattern while that same card placed somewhere else might end up as a defense. To help players learn the difference and never be confused, many of these games come with a large, foldout sheet which all of the cards can be placed on, indicating which area means what specifically. This sheet often serves as the board which the card game takes place on.

One of the most popular collectible card games functions much like a board game. This game turns each of the players into a wizard, faced off in an epic battle against the other player. Each of the cards represent some of the many spells, creatures, or items which are available to each wizard in their battle. There are intricate sets of rules which go along with the game in all of its incarnations, making it a very detailed experience.

The cards themselves have come to be collectible, with many cards being rather rare and prized not only for their power within the context of the game, but for their aesthetic artwork. Players, upon becoming qualified enough, are able to enter tournaments and potentially win prizes upwards of $40,000. A few select individuals have actually become professional players of the game, making their way around the different circuits, playing the game as their living.

Another game helps players understand the format of play by teaching players with the help of a mat that is like a board. This game takes images and events from famous space action movies and turns them into playable cards, pitting two players against each other for victory. By using characters, weapons, and events from the universe, however, they not only will play a competitive game to win, but they will shape their own story using some of the most familiar images from the popular space war movies.

This game is unique because it came out with expansion packs, each of which details a specific location from one of the movies, allowing players to build their own personal decks to form the strengths and characters that they want. It allows players a great deal of control in not only shaping their own game, but their destiny within the game.

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